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The DeltaLink Association introduces itself:


DeltaLink is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO), based in La Sarraz, near Lausanne in Switzerland.

In addition to a voluntary structure (with members, a committee, an ethics commission), our operations people work on our core «Equity Business»:

Second hand computers for a sustainable development.


DeltaLink contributes to bridging the Digital Divide by making access easier to the New Technologies for Information and Communication (NTIC). Furthermore, it promotes the Internet for people living in emerging countries.

We collect second hand IT equipment from Swiss firms, carefully erase the hard drives, clean up the hardware, check and identify the equipment to finally sell it at low price to IT professionals in developing or reconstructing countries.


We are used to working with second hand computer resellers, IT equipment repairers or technicians, managers of cybercafés or public secretariat, technical schools, local NGOs , and others.

Our partners place orders, then get «Pro Forma» invoices. They must pay in advance and the equipment is sent within 5 working days after reception of the payment.


Our main means of communication is the Internet:

  • This website is our «showroom» and gives access (in French) to all information regarding DeltaLInk, including a price list of the equipment.

  • Communication with our partners is through e-mail, which is both fast and cheap for both sides!


The second hand equipment we sell is fully operational, as it has been checked in our workshop. No other warranty is attached to this equipment.

The prices are set for 8 to 30 units. Some discounts are available for larger quantities.

Freight Charges

The equipment is carefully packed in big boxes, made of thick cardboard, fixed on EUR normed pallets. The units are protected from each other by sheets of cardboard or pieces of second hand material (sheets, bedspreads, curtains, towels, etc.). There is no plastic or any other similar material.

These packages are picked up by a forwarding agent, who is in charge of filling in the export documents and to bring the goods to destination. The total freight charges are included in our invoice. Depending on special circumstances or customer wishes, the transport can be fully or partially ordered by our partner.

Import and customs entry formalities, as well as attached costs, are entirely the responsablitity of our partners.


From our start-up in July 2000 up to end of 2002, about 40 partners, established in 16 countries have put their trust in our service and equipment.

During this period, we sold more then 2'300 units and sent about 130 pallets.

All goods arrived at their destination without any damage and every partner has been fully satisfied by the quality of the material and the efficiency of DeltaLink's service.

We do our best to keep meeting our partners' expectations.

Need more information? Just send us an e-mail!


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